Don’t tell thin women to eat a cheeseburger. Don’t tell fat women to put down the fork. Don’t tell underweight men to bulk up. Don’t tell women with facial hair to wax, don’t tell uncircumcised men they’re gross, don’t tell muscular women to go easy on the dead-lift, don’t tell dark-skinned women to bleach their vaginas, don’t tell black women to relax their hair, don’t tell flat-chested women to get breast implants, don’t tell “apple-shaped” women what’s “flattering,” don’t tell mothers to hide their stretch marks, and don’t tell people whose toes you don’t approve of not to wear flip-flops. And so on, etc, etc, in every iteration until the mountains crumble to the sea. Basically, just go ahead and CEASE telling other human beings what they “should” and “shouldn’t” do with their bodies unless a) you are their doctor, or b) SOMEBODY GODDAMN ASKED YOU.
Thin Women: I’ve Got Your Back. Could You Get Mine? - Lindy West (via femalevillain)

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SPX! I am so pumped for SPX. 

I will have all of these prints with me, as well as a tiny amount of older stuff. Please drop by table M12 and say hello. If you’re short on cash, I’ll be giving away free 20 Sided Guy postcards, which comes with an optional doodle. 

It’s gonna be a great time, so if you’re near Bethesda, MD please come by. There are so many great artists, with awesome stuff for sale like prints, books, zines, shirt’s, hats, ducks, pieces of wood, helicopter blades, and artisan staplers. 


I genuinely don’t know what to say to people who hate ABBA like

if you change your mind

I’m the first in the line

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When I hit my goal weight I may just have to celebrate by buying awesome nerdy workout shirts.

if I had these I might actually go to the gym.


No neck but flexible